Busy Not Bored With Writing In Between

It’s been a very busy last couple of days for me. I’ve been working three jobs, reading, and trying my best to get some writing done. I’m the kind of person that likes to heap tons of stuff on her plate, complain about not getting anything done on time, and yet I find the strength to beat my deadline and accomplish all that I want to. It’s a gift.

I write with Less Than Three Press and they are the best publishing firm that anybody can ask for (forgive me. I might be a little biased. Lol). They had a call for their Rocking Hard Anthology, and I being true to myself got behind until I had to write like crazy to get the story written and polished in time for submission. Deadline is the 30th of this month, and I sent the story off last Wednesday. So, I’m safe (Thank God!).

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Free Read:Beginnings: Liberation

Beginnings: Liberation

Cursed shall you be forever. Your gaze shall turn to stone all who look upon you. The hair and face that you delight in shall become terrible to look upon. Your blood shall be sought by all for it shall have the power to heal and to kill. This shall be your fate and the fate of your descendants for all eternity.

This story was written for the Love is Always Write event at the M/M Romance Group on GoodReads.

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