Busy Not Bored With Writing In Between

It’s been a very busy last couple of days for me. I’ve been working three jobs, reading, and trying my best to get some writing done. I’m the kind of person that likes to heap tons of stuff on her plate, complain about not getting anything done on time, and yet I find the strength to beat my deadline and accomplish all that I want to. It’s a gift.

I write with Less Than Three Press and they are the best publishing firm that anybody can ask for (forgive me. I might be a little biased. Lol). They had a call for their Rocking Hard Anthology, and I being true to myself got behind until I had to write like crazy to get the story written and polished in time for submission. Deadline is the 30th of this month, and I sent the story off last Wednesday. So, I’m safe (Thank God!).

I have a lot of stories buzzing in my head. Yet, instead of focusing on them, I got distracted, or rather let me say inspired by a challenge that Samantha (the editor-in-chief of LT3) put up on Goodreads. Now, that story wants to get out, and I sense that before the end of this week, I will have started work on that.

Because I’m so giving and generous (and oh, so humble. Lol), I’ll put up the links for the snippets so if you’re interested in a glimpse into the story, you can check them out. Both snippets are part of the same story and I will advice that you read them in the order I have already arranged.

Henri’s Slip: http://cassie821.livejournal.com/10775.html#cutid1

Marco’s Dilemma: http://cassie821.livejournal.com/11086.html#cutid1

There should be one more snippet after this and then it will be back to work for me.

I just turned in my final edits to a story I submitted for the Bestiary anthology of Less Than Three Press  titled Binding Ties. It’s about a kitsune and a wolf/dog shifter who are mated and have to work out their relationship while chasing after a kidnapper. It’s short, sweet and funny. About 15, 000 words and I hope you guys like it. The release date for the book is November 14, of this year. I will put up an excerpt as soon as I can.

My life is busy. But hell! It’s definitely not boring, and I will choose this hectic pace over counting the cracks in my ceiling any day, any time. So, tell me your thoughts guys. Would you rather spend your days working your asses off doing something you love, or would you choose boredom?

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