New Year Dreams

It’s been a really busy last couple of months, and it’s not a surprise I guess that I’ve got absolutely nothing written down. Days when I can finally catch a breath and I look back and realise that I’ve actually not been doing any writing has me very depressed. And now I’m contemplating adding more work to my plate. Exactly how am I going to get it all done is the question? I don’t have a split personality nor do I have a twin who can go to work on my behalf, while leaving me alone to read and write.

But, writing makes me happy. To see the words on paper or screen fills me with a sense of satisfaction. If it means that I won’t get as much sleep as I want to, then so be it. My stories have been getting release for the last two months: Binding Ties came out in November, and Saved by a Demon just got released, and I haven’t even had the time to feel that sense of accomplishment.

All the same, this is a new year, and new year means new beginnings: a lesson learnt by my character, Parker in Saved by a Demon. So I am going to stick to getting more writing done. And the first means towards achieving that goal will be to start working for my story that I need to be ready before the end of February. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I can indeed get all that I want done accomplished this year. Starting with a better job and of course more written books.

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