Blogger Book Fair: Beginning and Giveaway

I’ve always been the person who is afraid of starting new things. They terrify me to my bones, because the only thought prevalent in my head is usually, ‘What if I fail?’ Add the fact that I tend to procrastinate a lot and can be quite absent minded, and you have something that I fear might lead to disaster. 

When I signed up for the Blogger Book Fair, three things came to mind: First was, what on earth would I write. Second was how frequently I would write and the third was if I would even participate fully in the hop.

Fortunately, I have started. Hopefully I would finish. But I can console myself with the knowledge that I have actually began my participation in the fair. During the duration of this fair, you all will get a glimpse of the kind of person I am. For those who don’t read m/m romances, you will get to understand what I love about the genre, and for those who read them, you will learn why I write for the genre.

Hopefully, for the next couple of days, you will meet Alessandra Ebulu. With the added bonus of winning a free copy of either Binding Ties or Saved by a Demon.






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