Review Monday: From The Inside Out by Talya Andor

insideout400x600The novel for this Monday is Talya Andor’s From The Inside Out. Now, where do I start?

My best friend is of the opinion that in a way, we are all bisexuals. She believes that we then decide to either be gay, straight or bi-, but we all started as bisexuals. Now, I don’t know where she got the idea from, or the research she conducted to test her theory, but she’s a brilliant girl, so I’ll give her some credit.

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Snippet Friday: Birthdays and Meetings With Old Friends

Here’s another old snippet that I enjoyed writing. It was writing for Samantha’s birthday last year and she gave a list of words and wanted us to try and work them into the snippet. I tried my damndest to make sure that I had everything included in it, and the end result was definitely nice. Putting up all these snippets on WordPress has me remembering the multitude of stories I’ve ideas for and have not written yet. Will definitely start work on getting them on paper, and hopefully getting some if not all of them published.

Enough with the rambling. Here’s the snippet. Do enjoy!

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LT3 The Way To Your Heart Blog Hop, Contract Announcements and Proud To Be A Vampire Call

heartbloghopmedLess Than Three Press’ birthday is coming up, and in order to celebrate, there will be a hop of the LT3 writers, me inclusive. Yay! I’m looking forward to it. Will find out what the central theme is, so I can start thinking of what writing I will come up with for the hop, and of course, I will be doing a giveaway.

The contract for A Second Chance came in, and I’ve filled it, and sent it back. It looked so lovely. My books are growing you guys, and I’m so thrilled about it. Looking forward to when the edits come in, so I cans start working on it, and then I will have an idea of when the book will be released.

Writing for the Proud to Be a Vampire Call. The story is coming along, but it looks like it will be a lot. This will be my longest book, and I hope it will be a good book that people will love to read. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Will soon get some snippets of the book out so you guys can be getting an idea of what the book will be like. So stayed tuned for that as well.

Review Monday: You Must Set Forth At Dawn and Good News

You Must Set Forth at Dawn First things first, the good news. My story A second chance was accepted for publication. It didn’t really fit the premise for if you’re reading this so it will be released as an individual ebook, which is still great news. #dancing,
Will give more details about the book in another post, but my contract should be with me in a couple of days :D.

Now, on to the review. I know I’ve been a bit behind on my reviews lately, and I apologize for that. Work has been hectic and I’ve not even had time for myself. But I’ve been getting some reading done during my free time though, and this book is one of my all time favorites. Wole Soyinka is a great writer. Hell, he’s the first African to win the nobel laureate, and the best part about it, he’s a Nigeria. Talk about repping my home country. Lol.

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Review Monday: That Extra Half An Inch by Victoria Beckham

TEHAII’m a person given to reading a lot; m/m, f/f, f/m stories, you name it. My one requirement for a book though is that I must find it engaging. In this case, that extra half an inch by Victoria Beckham was very much so.

It is the type of book that you take your time to read and study, and you keep in your library so you can reference it and reread it biannually. It is deserving of such an honor.

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