Review Monday: That Extra Half An Inch by Victoria Beckham

TEHAII’m a person given to reading a lot; m/m, f/f, f/m stories, you name it. My one requirement for a book though is that I must find it engaging. In this case, that extra half an inch by Victoria Beckham was very much so.

It is the type of book that you take your time to read and study, and you keep in your library so you can reference it and reread it biannually. It is deserving of such an honor.

Victoria’s voice in the prose is simple and clear. She tells things as they are, and mentions things that worked for her and people she knows. With her advice though, she mentions that we all have what works for us and everyone should have their own style. It’s not always the best to follow the trend. Rather, we should discover what works for us and go with the flow.

I particularly love the pictures. Every page has an illustration of fashion sketches or pictures of Victoria wearing clothes or articles of clothing that were photographed.

The book had me wishing I immediately had a ton of money to go shopping with; a good thing since the book is about fashion. Needless to say that I intend to start putting her advice to good use as soon as I can afford to.

Oh, and her bit about tattoos was inspirational. When they mean something, you’ll never regret getting them. True words. I shall keep that in mind when I get mine sometime next month.

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