Snippet Friday: Birthdays and Meetings With Old Friends

Here’s another old snippet that I enjoyed writing. It was writing for Samantha’s birthday last year and she gave a list of words and wanted us to try and work them into the snippet. I tried my damndest to make sure that I had everything included in it, and the end result was definitely nice. Putting up all these snippets on WordPress has me remembering the multitude of stories I’ve ideas for and have not written yet. Will definitely start work on getting them on paper, and hopefully getting some if not all of them published.

Enough with the rambling. Here’s the snippet. Do enjoy!

A birthday is a day meant for celebration. Friends and family come over, bring food, drinks and sometimes gifts, to celebrate with the person having the birthday.

Or at least, that was what Castor had always assumed. What he got for his twenty-fifth birthday was completely different. He had to do the cooking, but since he was a world class chef who had trained with the best in Paris, and owned the most popular restaurant in the city, he didn’t mind. He also had to get the drinks. Luckily for him, his neighbour, Harris who had a thing for wearing teal coloured outfits and kept octopuses as pets because of his weird tentacles fetish, had the city’s largest collection of beer and Chardonnay, was willing to give Castor all that he needed for the party, in return for dinner for a month at the restaurant.

Castor had resigned himself to all that. The only thing he had wanted from his family and friends had been for them to show up at his house and for him to have a nice and quiet day. Was that too much to ask?

But, they had decided that they did not want to have the ‘party’ in his house and moved everything to the city library. Apparently, being a bookworm meant that he needed to spend an important day in his life in a place surrounded by old books. Old books that he suspected, wanted to be left alone. He was certain that the Rise and Reign of Queen Elizabeth I did not want to see his cousin Marvin throwing up in the pot of fern, nor see his aunt Stacey stuffing her face in the plate of fried chicken. Castor knew that the book was disappointed at the disrespect being shown in its presence.

The sudden brush of fingers against the nape of his neck had Castor release a squeak and turn around, only to be met with the greenest, most beautiful and unforgettable eyes that he had ever seen.

“Happy birthday Castor.”

“Hello Jake. What are you doing here?”Immediately the words left Castor’s mouth, he wanted to slam his head against the nearest wall. Those were not the right words to say to one’s-almost-boyfriend-who-broke-one’s-heart-yet-is-still-wanted-but-must-not-be-made-to be-aware-of-that-fact-until-one-is-dying.

And now, I’m rambling in my own head. Just what I needed.

“Mike invited me to the party. And with the very interested look you were giving the door, I can assume that you’re about to take off.

“And that’s the reason why you are the smart one.” Castor expected Jake to immediately storm off. That was definitely what the Jake he grew up with would have done.

He did not expect the laugh and the wink. He definitely did not expect Jake to take hold of his shoulders, turn him gently around and whisper into his ear. “I’ll take that as a compliment, even though there have been times, especially with regards to you , that I have been really dumb. Let’s join the party and when it’s all done, I have a surprise for you, to make up for my ways.”

The next couple of hours passed by in a blur. The only thing that rang in Castor’s head were Jake’s words. He didn’t even complain when his mother insisted that he blow out the candles, nor did he grimace when Sarah came running with her camera, tripped over a stool and fell headlong into the cake he had spent an entire day making. His mind was completely occupied with visions of the various ways Jake would make things up to him. This was proving to be a birthday he was not forgetting anytime soon.

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