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I was so meant to have posted this yesterday. However, I spent the Easter Hols hanging out with friends (doing the crazy things we do when there is a holiday that lasts for days and no work in sight). Had a major hangover when I got home last night so I slept off like a log of wood until I woke up this morning. Feel much better now though :D.

Less Than Three Press is celebrating their fourth year and so it’s party time. Yay! Lol. In order to mark the event, they’ve put together this amazing hop featuring so many amazing people, including the founders of LT3 themselves who all have different stories to tell about that special thing that they love, and they are doing so while giving out pretty shinies and awesome gifts :). LT3 has become a family for me, and it brings me joy to be associated with everybody on the team. Here’s to many more years :D.

Now, on to the real post. I have a lot of things I love. Television, Books, Coffee, Animes, Mangas, Music. The list is endless. However, if I was told to choose my one true love from this list, it would be music.

I’m the girl you’ll see with headphones attached to her head, whether she is happy, sad, ecstatic or depressed. Music has this soothing attribute to it. It’s also been with me through thick and thin, just like a best friend. Many a relationship had been clarified because I heard a song that showed me what my heart was feeling. Many a break-up had been soothed because I had songs that helped me vent, and helped me heal.

Once I put on my headphones or earphones, time just melts away. I’m in my own zone, from which creativity is birthed and I discover more about myself. It’s an experience that I cannot really put into words.

Whether it’s a 2Pac or Eminem rap, a composition by Beethoven, the wise words of Don Williams, a lonely Lady Antebellum song, Rihanna singing about S&M, Bob Marley speaking the truths of the world, the gothic songs of Evanescence and Within Temptation, or Breaking Benjamin doing their thing, music is my love, my life, my friend, and brings me so much joy and comfort that will always be unforgettable and appreciated.

{The Giveaway}


I will be giving out two $10 Gift Certificate to the LT3 Book Market

Binding Ties

An electronic copy of Binding Ties


An electronic copy of Saved by a Demon

{To Win:}

Leave me a comment telling me who your favorite artist is and what song is your favorite. To be fair, I will go first. I have tons of favorite artists (one for every genre) and lots of favorite songs. Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin is my favorite when I’m wishing a bad case of Karma on someone. My Immortal by Evanescence always gives me the shivers. A Dangerous Mind by Within Temptation reminds me of those loves, with dark eyes and hint of danger, and yet one is still drawn to them. Eminem’s Ass Like That makes me laugh. Rihanna’s Skin is able to get me in the mood very quickly (if you know what I mean #wink), Kalafina’s Kagayaku Sora no Seijaku niwa always, always moves me to tears. Still have many more on the list, but I think it’s time for me to stop talking (I do that a lot), and give you guys the chance to share your songs and artists with us.

Do not forget to include a means of contact. I will be giving out the gifts on the 15th of April. Please reply to the winning email I send to you as soon as possible because after 24 hours, I will be handing over your gift to someone else.

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