Review Monday: With Pride by Megan Derr

with-prideImagine the wide grin on my face when I remembered last Sunday that with pride was up for download since last Wednesday. Now, I’d already pre-ordered the novel and it was sitting nice and comfy in my account until the day of download. I squealed when Saturday night it dawned on me that it had been available for download since Wednesday. So, I logged in, downloaded the novel, started reading it at past ten and didn’t put it down until I was done with it at past two on Sunday morning.

Now why didn’t I put it down? Because it was damn good. Megan Derr had always been one my favourite writers. Hell, I started writing because of her. I wanted my characters to be as real as hers and for my worlds to be living thriving entities like the ones she created. Hell, I wanted to write like Megan Derr. Of course I learned later that writers have different voices and my voice is different from hers, but she keeps me writing and even on days when I feel like I wrote crap (Yep. I have those days. Hell, I think most writers have those days), I remember her and keep pushing forward.

So, With Pride. Where to start. Typical of Megan Derr’s books, the writing was excellent, the characters engaging and the worlds realistic. Her vivid description of castle Guldbrandsen had me actually walking round the castle, observing the shadowknights, priests, paladins, dragoons, princes of the blood and so much more. I love Kristoff, felt for Hakon and wanted to murder the necromancer. Partly because he was evil and partly because Megan had made me fall in love with another necromancer in another book and another world, and I just felt that our villain was evil and didn’t represent the necromancers well. Yup, Megan Derr is that good. ;).

I don’t want to go into details about the book because I want you all to read it, and trust me, it will be money well spent, but I do want to state that the romance was real, seeing the way Kristoff and Hakon slowly came around and drifted to each other was beautiful, and I loved that she focused on telling the story, keeping the plot alive, leaving me at the edge of my seat and concluding in a finale that was nothing short of amazing. I already loved Of Last Resort, another Princes of the Blood novel, and I had the feeling that I was going to love With Pride as well, and I’m so happy to see that yup, the novel didn’t disappoint. Right now, I’m twiddling with my thumbs, anxiously waiting for the next Princes of the Blood novel to be released. Yup. Megan Derr has me hooked. But it’s all worth it :D.

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