Apologies and Excerpt

Damn! It’s been four months since I last updated.? Where did the time go :(. I am so sorry I haven’t been consistent of late with my posts. Work has been so crazy and it’s been taking up all my time. It’s not an excuse because I just realized that I haven’t even been really writing either. Looks like it’s about time I get serious with both.

Anyway, LT3 has a call out: Lovely Dark and Deep. They’re meant to be stories about what happens when you wander into the woods when you’re not allowed to. The call is ending on the 31st of this month and I still haven’t finished writing it :(. But I am working  on it and I have an excerpt here for you guys to read.

Happy reading :):

“Anything you particularly interested in professor?”

James turned away from the store to look at the person who had spoken. The little tyke in front of him had the grubby hands of a boy whose hands lived and breathed the mud beneath their feet. The eyes though spoke of intelligence and curiosity; admirable traits in a child, some people would say. He however believed that more often than not, those were the traits that would lead many a child down the road of no return.

“A few things. Why? You selling?”

“Depends on what price you’re willing to pay professor. I can sell anything.” The words were accompanied with a tiny fist beating a skinny chest. “Just give me a list and I will be sure to get it for you.”

“And what if what I want is something you cannot make available to me?”

The little boy made a face; his eyes calling James all kind of stupid. “I don’t know where you’re from professor but ’round here, McGinnis is the only one who can get you anything. For a decent price of course.

“And let me guess, you’re McGinnis?”

“Aye Aye Professor.”

“Would that be your name or your father’s name?”


“Is McGinnis your first or last name?”

The are-you-stupid look that followed his question had James chuckling, even before McGinnis replied. “It’s my only name sir. How many names does a person need?”

“That my dear boy is a question for the ages.”

“I’m not a boy! I’m almost a man!”

“Is that so? And how old are you right now?”

“Will be eleven in November. Soon to be a teenager you see?”

Indeed. And an extremely chatty one it would seem. This one just might do.

James stooped until his eyes were level with McGinnis. “I’ve got four questions for you and then I’ll decide if I want to patronize your services.” He waited for McGinnis to nod before he continued. “First, what happened to the woods?” He motioned with thumb at the woods that were across the street from the gas station.

“Old Patty’s woods? I don’t know? They’ve been like that for as long as everyone can remember. No one knows where the keys are. And nothing can break the lock. Nothing! I mean I’ve tried everything but ‘them woods want to remain locked forever.” McGinnis covered his mouth to whisper, “I think it’s magic. There’s something in ‘them woods that keeps them closed.”

James smiled. “Is that so? Okay. Next question. Why do you call me professor?”

McGinnis’ eyes squinted before he spoke. “Your glasses. The suit,” he pointed at them with his hands to re-emphasize. “The way you carry yourself. You have an intelligence that don’t belong in this dead place.” McGinnis’ thumb pointed at the rest of the city that was behind him.

“And you don’t think all of these, all you see is a mirage?”

“What’s a mirage?”

“An illusion. Something that doesn’t really exist. A figment of your imagination if you will” James said.

He expected quite a lot, but the laughter that bubbled from the mouth of the boy and the way it echoed in the early hours of the morning was not the reaction he had been going for.

“See? Said just like a professor woulda said it.”

“Perhaps. third question where are your parents?”

“Obviously not around as you can see.”

“Are they dead?”

“Is that your fourth question?”

The almost belligerent tone had James chuckling. Yeah. This one would definitely do. “Fourth question, what if what I wanted was not a thing but a person? What if the thing I wanted you to get me is you?”


And that is it. The story is still a work in progress and I have absolutely no plot for it so she is literally writing herself. Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope to get more posts done very soon.

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