Review Monday: Blame it on the Mistletoe by Eli Easton

Review Monday is back. Yay!

Blame it on the Mistletoe  And today’s novella is Eli Easton’s Blame it on the Mistletoe. Yeah Yeah. I know. October is too early to be reading a book set in Christmas time, but this novella was brilliant. As I delved into it this last weekend, it occurred to me the benefits of reading book reviews and taking note of mentions on my Goodreads feed, because that is how I learnt about this book. I went ahead to buy it and the minute I read, I promptly went back to purchase all the Eli Easton books I could find on Dreamspinner. I had to stop though, after I realized that I was buying more books than I could afford at the moment. So with tears in my eyes, I let go of a few and made up my mind to come back at the end of the month :).

Now, what about blame it on the mistletoe converted me into a loyal fan of the author. The characters, the witty dialogue, the pace, the flow, the goddam story that drew me in and had me devouring the words until I raised my head and realized that I had finished the book and I still wanted more of Mick and sweet sweet Fielding :D. As a writer I’m a huge supporter of the maxim that states that one who would write should read a lot. And why is that you might ask? Because reading brings you in contact with great stories like this: stories that shows that a writer should put in the work so the reading goes flawlessly.

So why do I recommend the story? Because it’s one that would make you laugh, smile, cry and go about your day with the fuzzy feeling a great sweetness-defining story leaves you with. You will fall in love with Mick and the way he takes care of his roommate and you would coo over the sweetness that’s Fielding, rooting for the both of them until you get to the very end. There’s not too much drama, but definitely a heap load of sweetness. Perfection in a book :D.

Get your copy, snuggle into your favourite couch, get yourself a drink and enjoy.

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