Friday Review: The PsyCop Series Audiobooks

PsyCop Audio SeriesI mentioned last week, in my review of the Blame it on the Mistletoe Audiobook, that I found my top-two best narrators for audiobooks. One is the Blame it on the Mistletoe narrator: Jason Frazier and the other is the man that brought one of my all-time favorite series to life: Gomez Pugh.

I already gave the details of why I love the Psycop series so much on Monday, so I’m not about to reiterate that right now.What I’m talking about today is the audiobook series.

I’d thought I loved the series when I read them. Then JCP’s newsletter got into my mailbox and I saw that Audible was doing a sale. So, I found my way to Audible and bought all the Psycop books. I listened to the first chapter and the way Gomez Pugh brought Victor Bayne to life and I went on and bought the remaining books Gomez narrated (I’m anal like that. Sue me 😛 ).

But seriously though, Gomez Pugh is Victor Bayne. From the lazy way you would expect Victor Bayne to speak, to the sarcastic tone, and the way he speaks in his head. It’s all Victor! And then Gomez starts doing the other voices and you hear Miss Mattie and see her so vividly in your head. And then Jacob’s deeper voice and you see him there, smiling at Victor with so much love in his eyes. Lisa’s exactly the way I thought she would sound, and so is Crash.

But I think my best set of voices, other than Victor’s of course are the ghosts. Oh heavens how I love the way Pugh does the ghosts. From Jackie to Miss Mattie, to the deputy, to the grumpy old man in the first book. Every single ghost is his or her own unique self and just makes you realize how fucking talented Gomez Pugh is. To be able to do such a wide range of voices and have none of those voices bleed into each other is fucking amazing. And it made the experience of listening to the books even more amazing.

When you have a kick-ass series with the best characters ever, voiced by one of the best narrators I’ve ever had the honor of listening to, then you have an Audiobook series for the ages. And that audiobook is the Psycop series.

Now all that’s left is to wait for Spook Squad to come out on Audiobook so I can listen to that as well, and then for the rest of the books in the series to be written and released and my life would be complete :).

Click on the images below to lead you to the Audible page where you can buy the audiobooks. And if you’ve listened to any of the books or any other book narrated by Gomez Pugh, how did it go? Did you enjoy it? Drop a comment and let me know.

Audio-Among the LivingAudio-Criss CrossAudio - Body and SoulAudio-SecretsAudio-Camp HellAudio-GhostTvAudio-Memento

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