Review Monday: The High King’s Golden Tongue by Megan Derr

thehighkingsgoldentongue400I believe everyone has that one favourite author. That author you turn to when you need a pick-me-up; a book that transports you to a whole new realm; a book you finally pull yourself from after it’s done and you smile because you had a hell of a time and the characters were a blast.

For me, that author is Megan Derr, and although she doesn’t need to prove it all the time, she proved it once again with the High King’s Golden Tongue.

To understand my love for this gem, take a walk with him to about three years prior to the book’s release when during the MM’s yearly Love is Always Write event, someone put up a photo request and Megan snapped it all and wrote a 12k short titled the High King’s Golden Tongue.

I did to that short what I’ve always done to everything Megan Derr has written. I devoured it. It was candy. It was sweet. It was real. And it was over in three hours. I nearly wept. Not because I didn’t enjoy the story but because I wanted moreeee.

Then I resigned myself to the short story. I loved it and enjoyed reading it, and that was that.

Until, I saw a brilliant cover, read a tweet and discovered that Megan had decided to expand on the High King’s Golden Tongue. I screamed. I danced. I prayed. And I waited. And then, I was rewarded with 107,000 words that took my entire evening and early morning. I read the novel, nonstop, back to back, sighed when I was done and dropped off to sleep at past three am.

I woke up a few hours later, operating on too little sleep but it was so totally worth it! The High King’s Golden Tongue has it all. Comedy. Romance. Enemies to Lovers—be warned, Sarrica was an ass in the beginning and I wanted to throttle him. But he redeemed himself. Oh, how he redeemed himself. So much so that I understood what Allen saw in him. And what Megan did was make that relationship, that ending so organic, you got it. It didn’t feel rushed whatsoever. It just felt right.

And Allen. Allen was my favourite :). I loved his mind. I loved his composed self. I loved his fluency with languages. I loved his open bleeding heart that he managed to keep hidden, but not so well because those who drew close to him saw it in all its glory. You can’t hide a heart that wide, that big, that open. You can’t hide a heart that loves!

I loved Rene and Tara. Oh how I love those pair. And then, Lesto. Oh how I love Lesto. I danced when I saw that he too will get his story. I mean come on, the Goodreads page says it all :).


Thank you Megan for giving us such a brilliant story and characters we can all love. And for those have you that went through last year without being introduced to the love that can be found in the High King’s Golden Tongue? Well, here’s your chance. Click on the image below to purchase and enjoy the brilliance of great storytelling. And who knows, maybe you would join me in eagerly anticipating Lestho’s story ;).


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