Friday Review: Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso

Kuroshitsuji_01Okay, quick confession:

I love, love anime! Goodness how I love anime. I adore the characters. I love the stories. I love the craziness. I love knowing that week after week, I have something to look forward to. And when Masashi Kishimoto or Tite Kubo decide to go on a two or three weeks hiatus, I practically hyperventilate because I can’t get my Naruto or Bleach fix.

I finished Naruto with a sigh. Even though I was not a big fan of how things dragged at the end, I kept coming back so I could finish it. I even read the ten chapter Naruto Gaiden: the seventh Hokage!

Now Bleach? That, I’m still following, if anything so I can see Ichigo use his *spoiler alert* Shinigami, Quincy, Human and Hollow combo power *spoiler ended*. I sincerely hope it’s some kickass transformation otherwise I have to ask Tite Kubo to give me the last seven years of my life back. Lol.

But today is not about those series that I’ve stuck to forever. Nope. Today’s review is about a manga that always does it right for me: Kuroshitsuji or in English, Black Butler :D. Oh yeah, Kuroshitsuji is the ish!


The last few years when Naruto and Bleach were acting up and offering me chapters that nearly made me tear out my own hair, I sought refuge in Kuroshitsuji. Month after month (because the writer, Yana Taboso, only releases one chapter in a month). It kept me sane. It kept me happy.

And Ciel and Sebastian. Oh Ciel and Sebastian.


I love all things paranormal. They delight me, interest me. Maybe it’s from my Disney cartoons days (which I still watch by the way), maybe it’s from watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch religiously. Maybe it’s Supernatural and the combined force of Sam and Dean Winchester, maybe it’s Harry Potter. All I know is that I love everything paranormal and animes do that for me. Or at least most animes do that. The whole paranormal satisfaction I mean.

But Kuroshitsuji takes it to a whole new level. I mean, just look at this gorgeous, utterly delicious demon called Sebastian Michealis. I mean, he’s hot isn’t he? ;).


Now look at the twelve year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive who summoned him and literarily made a deal with the devil, or a demon as the case may be:


And when you factor in the fact that this twelve year old boy acts as a Guard dog to Queen Victoria (Yup! That Queen Victoria. Ciel is British) by cleaning up the British underground, and by underground I mean the underbelly; seedy, supernatural, won’t make you sleep well at night underbelly that the unsuspecting Britons are unfamiliar with. Yup. Ciel, that twelve year old boy is in charge of cleaning that up as the duty of his family, and as Ciel is the only surviving member of his family and the Earl of Phantomhive, the onus is on him. And boy does he meet it.

I mean, he’s pretended to be a girl:


He’s pretended to work in a circus trope and walked on a tightrope (how did he pull it off? Read the manga. Lol)


He’s gone to an all boys academy


And Sebastian is ever willing to go along with it all and assist because, one, his contract with Ciel has him bound to him until he meets the contract terms (to find out what it is, read the manga!). When he meets the contract terms, he can have an all you can eat buffet with Ciel’s soul and Sebastian is looking forward to that :).


Two, Sebastian turns out to be the first member of Ciel Phantomhive’s household, although technically maybe that’s Tanaka. If you disagree, leave a comment :p. So, Sebastian is the butler and does he take his butler position seriously.


Then there are the other misfits who work for Ciel….


And most importantly, there’s the English tea! So many cakes and sweets that Sebastian keeps feeding Ciel and goodness are they mouthwatering! I mean look at this slice of cake!


So there, Kuroshitsuji is perfection for me all around. It’s one of those all around amazing mangas that I love to read and read and read. And I think you should try it out too. If not for anything for the eye candy, the literal candy, the manipulation, the politics, the demon and the human boy he chose. It’s a beautiful beautiful story really. One you would not regret sinking your teeth into. So go ahead and enjoy.

P.S: My review’s for the manga not the anime. Yeah, there are some interconnected storylines in the anime but the manga’s the one that gets all stars for me.

Oh and I got nominated for the Liebster award. Yippee! Will put up that post and answer all the questions tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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