Review Monday: Out of Focus by L.A. Witt

11504638Eight years ago, I read my first SasuNaru fan fiction and got introduced to the world of m/m romance (please forgive me. I was a late bloomer. Lol). Two years after that, I stumbled on my first poly story. Granted it was Megan Derr’s Sandstorm (I’ve said it several times over that Megan Derr is one of my favorite authors, so yeah, she’s going to crop up a lot in my reviews 🙂 ), and it had four men in a relationship that was totally balanced: a relationship of love.

Six years ago, Megan Derr introduced me to what a good multi-lover story should have: balance. I should never feel that one person is more loved than the other, or that the other person is just there so that there can be three people in the relationship.

So it stood to reason that I got very picky about what books I considered great poly stories and unfortunately, there aren’t as many great m/m/m stories as there are m/m out there.

Then I discovered Out of Focus by L.A. Witt (another of my favorite authors) and I about melted. See this book combined BDSM (a genre I was introduced to by the amazing Kim Dare, then Sean Michael) with polyamory. I’m a firm believer in there being enough love to go around and this book made me melt.

Fuck! The book was hot and amazing and beautiful and so organic.

It’s a book about an established couple: Ryan Morgan-nicknamed ‘Angel’ by his lovers, and Dante James who are photographers who run a photography business together. L.A. Witt did a brilliant job of showing us Ryan and Dante’s relationship. Their love is palpable. This is a couple that has survived more than a decade together and come out stronger together. As two Doms (yeah, you got that right, two Doms), you wouldn’t have expected them to get along. But they do. So much that you don’t notice that anything’s missing. Matter of fact, they don’t think anything’s missing. Every time they’d needed a submissive, they met that need by occasionally bringing in a third person to keep things interesting between themselves. And it’s a perfect arrangement.

Till they do a bride shoot and meet Jordan Steele, the submissive for them. When I say submissive for them, I don’t mean it in a we’re mated kind of way :). Just in a they hit all his buttons and Jordan hits all of theirs. Jordan might be a virgin to BDSM but his responses are perfect for them.

Then things get complicated when emotions get into the mix and which is where I loved this book just a little more. Like I stated earlier, Out of Focus was organic. Nothing felt rushed or forced. It just happened and felt natural.

Now, I’m not going to spoil the book for you because I want you to go on and buy a copy. Because it’s worth it and it will entertain you and if you want to read a BDSM book done right, this is one of those books. So click on the image below to enjoy this three-way relationship that was one of the amazing books I read in 2015.

Like I always say, you won’t regret it :).


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