Friday Review: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz (Audiobook)

Cameron Diaz - The Body BookGrowing up, I was a little bird: a girl who ate almost nothing. Seriously. I ate my rice, grain by grain when I had to head to school just so I would frustrate my mother into sending me off with as little eaten food as possible.

Then I turned nine and my taste buds just exploded and you couldn’t stop me from eating. Out of the blues, I loved food! But I never really added that much weight. My Secondary School (i.e. 6th-11th grade if that works for you) was quite a distance from my house and I loved to walk. So, no matter how much my mother complained, I walked home. Two, three times a week, I walked. I also walked on the occasional weekend when I had to get some things from the store that was also some distance from my house.

All that walking kept me trim. But I’d started developing just a bit of stomach fat.

Then I entered University and took my walking to a whole new level. I walked from my department to my hostel and back again. So far as the location was within my school and I felt I could walk the distance, then walk I would. Not because of anything but because I loved to walk.

Then I started working and I stopped walking. And the fat piled on, my stomach expanded and I kept adding weight. Most people didn’t notice because well, it tried to stay well balanced and I didn’t really didn’t look like I’d added that much weight, but I was piling on the weight and I knew. I’d lost my stepfather to Diabetes three years ago and my paternal relatives are obese so I know that I have to be extremely careful.

I started working out and dieting and my weight went yoyo. I was always hungry and I kept psyching myself up to work out but I just didn’t feel like it. Everything I did was half-assed.

Then I bought this book off of Audible and listened. And boy did things change for me.

The Body Book is not a diet book and thank heavens for that because every time I hear the word diet, I panic. Mostly because I see it as restrictive. Not being able to eat enough to fill myself. And exercise? Exercise was like a competitive sport for me. I was always conscious of everybody looking at me and what it was that they could see. It terrified me.

When I saw that Cameron had a book out, I bought it just for the sake of buying it and because Cameron Diaz has always struck me as a fun loving woman who is utterly and completely comfortable in her skin. She loves her herself and this spirit was portrayed in this book!

I repeat, the Body Book is not a book about diet or weight loss. If that’s what you’re searching for—a quick fix—you might just have to look elsewhere. This is instead a book about nutrition, about embracing hunger and seeing it for what it truly is- our bodies way of asking for the wholesome foods it needs. This is a book about moving our bodies, not to fit better in our jeans—although that in itself is a huge benefit—but to help build our bones, to strengthen our muscles and our hearts, to help our brains and to increase our life’s span. This book is about the discipline of consistently taking care of our health for the rest of our lives.

It’s a book about our bodies and how amazing, strong, powerful and unique they all are.

I don’t know if I’ve lost weight ever since I started following the words. I’ve put away my scales for now and now I just spend the time concentrating on my body and how she moves and feels.

And so far, she’s doing great :).

To purchase your copy either with cash or your Audible credit if you’re a member on Audible, click on the image below.

Cameron Diaz - The Body Book

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