Review Monday: Tackling the Tight End by Tara Lain


Source: Dreamspinner Press

When I first discovered Tara Lain’s works, it was courtesy of Outing the Quarterback, which was the first book in her Long Pass Chronicles trilogy. And although I love the book to bits, there was one character I detested with every fiber of my being: Dennis Hascomb. I thought that the blackmailing sniverling snit deserved to die and I wanted to be the one to hold up a burning log and set him ablaze.

See people? That is amazing writing. Tara Lain created a character I hated and damn how I hated Dennis.

And when the second book showed up, I still remembered him and how much I hated his ass.

Then she wrote the third book: Tackling the Tight End and what do we have here? She has a Native as a main character (which by the way, love, love Raven!) and the second character? Dennis Hascomb.

Yeah. You got that right. The Dennis Hascomb. The guy I’d loved to hate in the other two books was the main character in her new novel.

So when I got into reading Tackling, I started the book with my mind made up about Dennis. He was a manipulative snit who had no good qualities; a man without redemption. Or so I told myself.

And then I started to read. And I found myself falling in love with Raven. With his spirit and his desire to break off the parental expectation that was weighing down on him.

And after she’d had me utterly hooked on Raven in the first chapter, she brings on Dennis and his point of view and I realized, everything I’d ever thought about this guy was wrong. This was not a terrible person beyond redemption? This was a lost boy who had been born into circumstances beyond his control and who I suddenly started rooting for.

I was shocked! If you’d told me two books ago that I would pity and then love Dennis Hascomb, I would have told you to go suck it. But several hours later, after I was done reading the book, I was firmly in Dennis’s corner. And that takes brilliant writing. To move me from hate to pity to love, is the work of an amazing writer. And that is what Tara Lain is.

I pre-ordered Tackling the Tight End immediately it was up for pre-order and I am totally glad I did. With the redemption arc and the working in of the two spirit into the tale, it was well worth it.

Click on the image below to buy Tackling the Tight End and enjoy the beautiful story Tara Lain has created :).


Source: Dreamspinner Press

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