Snippet Wednesday: A sip from Otaare

I’m working on yet another story. Put one of my old stories on hold so I could see if I could possibly make an LT3 call for Enemies to lovers.

It’s a work in progress and I’m almost 40k in. Of course there are days when I’m writing and all I can think is ‘this is crap. No one’s going to want to read this!’ But I keep right on writing. Edits will come and it will get better. That’s what I tell myself.

So, as is my usual refrain. Please forgive all grammatical errors and inconsistencies and enjoy:

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Snippet Wednesday: A sip from Serendipity

Life didn’t just interrupt a couple of days for me. It interrupted my entire week. For the past week, I’ve been working 12-16 hours day. I’m exhausted and my brain is crying. I did manage to do some writing though. The only question is, how fruitful is said writing. Some days, I feel like I’m writing garbage. But I do know that a couple of weeks after, when I get a look at the script, any problems are things I can just as easily fix.

That’s what I tell myself every day when I wonder what the hell I’m writing.

Today’s snippet however is not what I’ve been working on since last week. Instead, it’s a story I started last year but couldn’t finish. This is the year I shall finish writing it :). So, enjoy. And like I usually say, ignore all grammatical errors and typos.

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Snippet Wednesday: Sipping from Help! That Chicken’s Staring At Me

So, I wrote this story late last year because it was Christmas at Lagos and I just felt like writing the story. So, I ended up writing it, and I put it away for a while. I’ve started editing it and I should hopefully be sending it to a beta reader so. When it’s all ready, I should be sending it to a publishing house for hopeful publication. Will fill you guys in on how things go.

For today, here’s the snippet. And as is my usual refrain, please ignore any typos or grammatical inconsistencies as this is a rough draft:

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Life Interrupted. Review Monday: Dragon Scales by Sasha L. Miller

26822456After work and my internet got in the way of me putting up this post yesterday as well, I figured I could start a new segment on the blog and call it Life Interrupted. So for the days like last Wednesday when I had no concept of time till Friday or yesterday’s madness, I can still put up the day’s post, just on the day I have the time to do so.

Either that or I should just have the posts pre-written like days before :). I’ll keep you guys posted on what I do end up deciding on.

But anyway, on to today’s review!

When I first got into M/M romance (and by that I mean the novels and not the fanfiction which started years before that with SasuNaru, the ultimate pairing. Lol) the first author I discovered was Megan Derr. The second author was Sasha L. Miller.

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Friday Review: Art by Togo


Source: Tosin Sanni on Tumblr

I decided today’s Friday review would be the series on a Nigerian woman’s sexuality that a friend who’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met just recently completed.

I met Tosin Sanni a couple of years ago when I travelled to Cannes and we got to talking about art; his art to be precise and mine (hey, I’m a writer! I count as an artist ;)) and when he showed me some of his pieces I was awed. I know it’s said that art is subjective and people have different ways they respond to it. In my case, I responded to his art. From the paintings he did of Grace Jones and Fela Anikulapo Kuti, to his illustrations and even those little scribbles I sometimes catch him doing when he’s bored (he scribbles a lot. Lol).

So when he told me he’d done a new series on women embracing their bodies and their essence and asked that I help write a short piece for him about what I could see from the paintings, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s the write-up, followed by the paintings in the series–Sorry it’s not so clear. I took it with my phone–and then an attached image that links to his tumblr site if any of you’s interested in seeing more of his work.

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Review Monday: Dreamspinner’s Dreamspun Series

Growing up in a secondary school in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, there were two things pretty common in the bags of the students (mostly female and some male) that were within my age group of 13-16. One was the stacks of shiny CDs containing the latest blockbuster hits which we turned into some sort of barter system, in that, you have a movie I want to watch? Well I have one for you as well. The second thing we had in our bags were Harlequin Present novels. Sure we had the occasional Harlequin Desire or Blaze (and Silhouette if you wanted something with a bit more volume) but Harlequin Presents was our currency. Damn we had a ton of Harlequin novels. They were short and handy and you could lose yourself in the crazy zaniness of the characters and the plot. And the best part? They were cheap. I mean, I could buy a whole stack of them over the holidays and they wouldn’t put a dent in my savings. Seriously? Look at them:



Every time I see an Harlequin Present cover, I smile and remember happier times. Sure the stories were crazy but that was why I loved them! (Same goes for Kdramas :)). Now imagine my delight when I found out in the later part of December last year that Dreamspinner was releasing a new category under their publication, titled Dreamspun Desires. And this was the cover…


DreamspunDesiresWebsiteListingLG (1)

Source: Dreamspinnerpress

I mean, can you see the connection. The circle. The main character/characters in said circle. The title that promises a very crazy ass ride? It was Harlequin Presents meets M/M romance. And that for me was a double whammy! And when I found out that it was just as cheap ($6.99 for two books!) I hit subscribe faster than you can say Holy smokes it’s Harlequin with two men.


So, after I hit subscribe and told them yeah, take my money every month. I can part with 6.99 for such craziness, I had to wait two weeks for the first set to be released (they released it on January 1st & 15th).

So, whilst everyone was looking forward to the New Year for various reasons, I was as well, although the principal reason for me was the realization that I was going to get Dreamspun’s first story on the very first day of the year.

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