Snippet Wednesday: A sip from Otaare

I’m working on yet another story. Put one of my old stories on hold so I could see if I could possibly make an LT3 call for Enemies to lovers.

It’s a work in progress and I’m almost 40k in. Of course there are days when I’m writing and all I can think is ‘this is crap. No one’s going to want to read this!’ But I keep right on writing. Edits will come and it will get better. That’s what I tell myself.

So, as is my usual refrain. Please forgive all grammatical errors and inconsistencies and enjoy:

“But you did. You see, there’s no way this is Bolarinwa Johnson on the phone,” he said and ignored Eze’s exaggerated mouth opening so wide a buzzing fly seemed attracted to making its way into the waiting cavern. Luckily enough, Eze closed his mouth in time although he still looked stunned. “Because firstly, Bolarinwa Johnson is the last person I want to be talking to right now.”

“I understand. But…”

“Secondly,” Ukeme continued like Blaze hadn’t just tried to interrupt him. “Bolarinwa Johnson doesn’t have my phone number. So I repeat, who the fuck is this?”

The person on the other end of the line who was most certainly not Bolarinwa Johnson, because life couldn’t be so unfair to him, expelled a loud gust of air. “Same thing I said the first time. This is Bolarinwa Johnson.”

Yup. Life had failed him. God too even he was counting. He swung his eyes heavenward and tossed what he hoped was a thanks-a-lot-big-guy glare at the man above. “How the fuck did you get my number,” he barked.

Blaze cleared his throat. “Via a friend.”

“You mean your godforsaken cousin who seems to do a lot of your dirty work,” Ukeme corrected. His eyes swung to his laptop yet again. He couldn’t see so far ahead to the details of the DM but he saw the light blue color that was his twitter page and that sparked his anger. 

“I wouldn’t consider him godforsaken or doing my dirty work,” Blaze said sounding annoyed.

Good. Ukeme had been pissed at the calm as fuck intonation the jackass had been using to speak to him when he called. Of course Blaze would be calm. The ass probably thought that Ukeme had already agreed to collect the money from Sukanmi and was expecting Ukeme to roll out a carpet for him and prostrate on his belly like a crawling reptile grateful for the money.

It pissed him the fuck off.

“Oh really? So having him offer me money to keep my mouth shut and stop trying to destroy the career of the great Blaze is not considered dirty work,” Ukeme scoffed.

3 thoughts on “Snippet Wednesday: A sip from Otaare

  1. Damaria Senne says:

    LOL! I used to drive Baby crazy with that kind of logic when she was growing. “It’s past my daughter’s bedtime and sleeping deeply right now. So I have no idea who you are or why you are pretending to be my daughter.” And then when she tried tears I’d say,” Ssssh! You’ll wake her up.” She eventually got my point, LOL

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