Changing Things Up


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Hello everyone.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Oh, who am I kidding. I haven’t put up a blog post in two months and I’m so sorry about that. My life has been kind of… stuck in limbo and it reflected both in my writing, my health journey, and my blogging

I will now take each of these issues one, at a time.

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Review Monday: You Must Set Forth At Dawn and Good News

You Must Set Forth at Dawn First things first, the good news. My story A second chance was accepted for publication. It didn’t really fit the premise for if you’re reading this so it will be released as an individual ebook, which is still great news. #dancing,
Will give more details about the book in another post, but my contract should be with me in a couple of days :D.

Now, on to the review. I know I’ve been a bit behind on my reviews lately, and I apologize for that. Work has been hectic and I’ve not even had time for myself. But I’ve been getting some reading done during my free time though, and this book is one of my all time favorites. Wole Soyinka is a great writer. Hell, he’s the first African to win the nobel laureate, and the best part about it, he’s a Nigeria. Talk about repping my home country. Lol.

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Good News and Excerpt

My submission for the Rocking Hard Submission Call that was put up on Less Than Three Press has been accepted. The story is about a rock star and a song writer and it was fun and a bit difficult to write. I say it was difficult because like I mentioned in an earlier post, I kept putting off the writing, and when I was ready to get to work, my room got flooded and my laptop got soaking wet. I had to write the entire story in a notebook, while praying fervently that my laptop can be fixed. I certainly didn’t have money to purchase a new one, and my friends were all busy with theirs, so I just had to hope for the best. The laptop was finally fixed (except that I now had to get a new battery. I still haven’t gotten a new battery yet, but I should be able to get me a new one by the middle of the month), and I had to spend an entire week typing and editing. Finally the story was ready, sent to my beta reader and then sent it in for submission.

When I opened my mailbox two days ago and saw the acceptance email, I felt a variety of emotions. The relief that a story I’d poured my heart into (I  had to write some songs and trust me, song writing is not so easy. Lol) was accepted; the satisfaction that I was able to actually have my work done with all the troubles that crept up and the wonder that I wrote and people believed that the words deserved to be read by others, not just myself. I think that is what keeps me writing. It’s the wonder of watching words form on page and having my characters loved and understood. They all have stories to tell, and when a story I write is accepted, I nod my head at the realization that the character was heard.

My kitsune/wolf-dog shifter story that is part of the Bestiary anthology will be released in exactly forty days from now, and I’m excited about that as well. Will write in another post why I love that story so much and how I got hooked on the character of Taeyo and his mate, Germane. I have an excerpt available for you to read. Hope you like it.

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