Friday Review: Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso

Kuroshitsuji_01Okay, quick confession:

I love, love anime! Goodness how I love anime. I adore the characters. I love the stories. I love the craziness. I love knowing that week after week, I have something to look forward to. And when Masashi Kishimoto or Tite Kubo decide to go on a two or three weeks hiatus, I practically hyperventilate because I can’t get my Naruto or Bleach fix.

I finished Naruto with a sigh. Even though I was not a big fan of how things dragged at the end, I kept coming back so I could finish it. I even read the ten chapter Naruto Gaiden: the seventh Hokage!

Now Bleach? That, I’m still following, if anything so I can see Ichigo use his *spoiler alert* Shinigami, Quincy, Human and Hollow combo power *spoiler ended*. I sincerely hope it’s some kickass transformation otherwise I have to ask Tite Kubo to give me the last seven years of my life back. Lol.

But today is not about those series that I’ve stuck to forever. Nope. Today’s review is about a manga that always does it right for me: Kuroshitsuji or in English, Black Butler :D. Oh yeah, Kuroshitsuji is the ish!


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