A Second Chance

asecondchance400Ten years ago Demola escaped the purgatory of high school by way of a powerful essay that put him on the path to becoming a successful writer. Invited back to speak at a Career Week, he does not expect to run into the man most responsible for his misery in school.

Carter swears he has left his bullying ways behind, and he is determined to use the one week he’s got to prove he is indeed a changed man.


Carter’s stomach growled in protest. Like the pangs had not been indicative enough of the state his stomach was in. Dammit! Not only does my back ache like a bitch, now I’m starving as well. Hopefully, Damon would have something ready for him to eat the very minute Carter came out from beneath the BMW he was working on. If the idiot didn’t, well there was always a first time for one to indulge in the old tradition of cannibalism. At the thought, Carter wrinkled his nose. Hell no! With the amount of junk that Damon pumped into his body, eating him would just make Carter morbidly obese.

He whistled the tune to Muse’s “Resistance” as he turned the last couple of screws. With that done, he slid out from underneath the car, took in a deep breath and slowly rose to his feet. A yawn threatened to escape but Carter suppressed it. Damn! He was tired. It had been an exhausting day. It seemed like all the cars that had gone on the road that day had developed faults and found their way to Simmons—his car shop. However, he couldn’t really complain. The busy day simply meant that he would be smiling to the bank. As long as that continued to happen, he was definitely a happy man.

“So, were you able to fix it, Carter darling?” The voice grated on Carter’s already frayed nerves. Probably because Alison Walters was an annoying female who would not take no for an answer and believed that because she had more money than sense, and a body that most women would kill for and men die over, she could convert Carter. That was the word she used, ‘convert’. Like his being gay was something that he had control over.

Nevertheless, just because she annoyed him to hell and back again, didn’t mean that she wasn’t a paying customer and a damn good one at that. If he had to suffer such indignities in order to pay his employees, maintain his shop and live the life of an entrepreneur, so be it, because heavens knew he really didn’t do good with working under anyone. His forceful removal from Argey’s Auto said it all.

“Yes. It was no big deal really. You could have easily done it by yourself.”

“And ruin my lovely nails, you’ve got to be kidding. Besides, if all your customers fixed their cars by themselves, you won’t be in business.”

Carter conceded to her point with a nod. Long strides took him to his office. The click clack of high stilettos indicated that Alison was not too far from him. He suppressed a sigh as he opened the door, and with a wave of his hand, indicated that she should enter before him. The woman practically preened, purring as she passed by him. “Such a gentleman.”

He ignored the statement, and immediately moved to his desk, pulled open one of the drawers and brought out the receipt book. With his quick scrawl, he filled out the receipt. Carter raised his head to find Alison balanced on the table. She had her legs crossed and leaned towards him, a well-manicured hand holding forward a debit card.

Just as he reached out to collect it, she murmured, “So when exactly are you going to take me out on that date Carter? It’s wrong to make a lady continuously ask you to take her out. Just choose a date, time and venue and I will be there.”

“I’ll give you the same answer I always have. I’m not interested. I just don’t swing that way.” He softened his voice on the last bit, when he saw her eyes glint. A hysterical female was not something he could handle. He just wished that Alison would listen to him for once, and not the stupid, misguided images she had of the two of them as a couple in her head.

Alison gave a huff and handed him her card. He inserted the card, punched in the value of her repair, and handed the machine to her to punch in her pin. After a short while, she was on her way out of the shop, her receipt in hand. Just as she got to the door, she turned.”Will be back at the end of the month for my tune-up. Hopefully, by then, you will realize what you’re missing by turning away from all of this.”

Carter did not bother replying to her comment. That would simply encourage her and he was not in the mood to do that.

“‘Please Carter dear, you just have to marry me. My life without you is empty. I don’t even know what I will do if you cannot be the father of my children.’”

Carter turned to glare at the idiot who had spoken in the falsetto voice.

“Shut up Rick.”

“But come on boss, it’s funny.” Salvador said, obviously thinking he was helping matters out. “Really, the woman seems to have her hopes pinned on you.”

“Maybe you need to fuck a guy in her presence. That will probably get your message across more effectively. At the moment, I’m sure she thinks that you’re only teasing her or that you’re not interested in her and are just trying to let her down gently. A hard fuck will drive the truth home,” Matt yelled from beneath the hood of a Mercedes.

“Grow up, you guys and get back to work. I need to be home in three hours max, otherwise I will be grouchy.” Carter watched the message sink in, and everyone shuffled back to work. They all knew how irritable he was when he was in full-on grouchy mode and none of them wanted to deal with that. Smart men.

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

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