Review Monday: The PsyCop Series by Jordan Castillo Price

PsyCopYeah, Yeah, I know. Writing Review Monday on a Tuesday gives a new meaning to Review Monday. Lol. But I was totally swamped yesterday (the advertising agency I work for is wrapping up for the year so it’s a last minute dash of fulfilling everything the client wants) and I couldn’t pull off any writing whatsoever, and by writing I mean, fictional and blog-wise.

So, I could do nothing until I woke up this morning. And immediately I did, I got to writing as fast as I could. Blog first, short story later.

With that out of the way, let’s get on to the kickass best series ever discovery I made at the tail end of last month and into this month. The Psycop series featuring the neurotic high level medium Victor Bayne.

Oh Victor, Victor, Victor. How I love thee. You’re smart, paranoid, witty, sarcastic, sexy (yeah I find you utterly sexy, just as much as Jacob does, when you talk to dead people. It’s just hot!) and the way your mind works? It’s amazing. I know you would never cheat on Jacob and the possibility of you and Jacob breaking up is nil, but this girl’s still dreaming of you, you smexy, smexy man.


Okay, in all seriousness now though, this series is amazing! The character is done so well, and his voice is so vivid that in every single instance you’re there. You’re with him when his relationships are developing, you’re with him when he’s meeting his PsyCop partners, and every character is on point. Even down to Maurice who we never see as much of because he’s retired but when we do, you get this sense of this older man who’s been one of the best partners ever for a neurotic man who you might think is mumbling to himself but is actually talking to dead people.

And the romance? *fansself* It’s hot! And I’m not just talking about the sex! Although now that I’ve mentioned it, I have to talk about the sex. I have a wide array of favorite authors. Some like writing sex scenes (and when they do? There’s a shit load of sex scenes) and others don’t. Yeah some sex scenes do get a bit repetitive but it doesn’t take away from the story. In JCP’s case though, every sex scene between Victor and Jacob are not the same. Each one is hot and as the series go on and their bond gets stronger, the sex gets even hotter.

Which brings me to the bond and the previously mentioned romance. This is a story about Victor Bayne, his abilities and how he evolves with them. But it’s also a story about Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks and how one opportune act by a man Victor never thought would have been interested in him leads them both on this journey of discovery about themselves and each other. It’s a story of two men loving and leaning on each other. Two cops who you would have thought were too different to make a relationship work but they do. It’s a story about a professional partner who turns into a best friend, a boyfriend’s ex who turns into another unexpected friend, a bad guy who surprises us, a boss we didn’t know had a connection to our main character and a new partner who we don’t expect to get along with but do. It’s a love story of misfits who get along together and create their own family and that’s why I love this series so much. It’s why I would always re-read this series and why I went along to buy all the audiobooks in the series as well (the review of those is coming this Thursday so stay tuned).

And another favorite part of this series? The ghosts! And yeah you heard me right. I love love the ghosts and how distinct they all are. From the young girl who likes pretty sparkly things, to the one who finally sold her home to Victor and Jacob, to the prostitute always chatting Victor up, to the deputy who’s all concerned about the drug dealers. I love them. Love how JCP had them all be their individual selves. It’s amazing really.

I can’t go into so much detail because I want you all to go and read this series for yourself. It’s an experience any lover of good stories should have and I don’t want to spoil it in anyway by giving away too much. I finished the entire series in a space of two weeks and started it all over in audiobook format. That’s how much I loved each and every one of the stories, from the free read shorts, to the novella and the full length novels. And right now, I’m looking forward to the next books in the series because you can bet I’m pre-ordering them immediately they’re available for pre-order.

Click on the images below to take you straight to the individual book’s psycop link where you can read a sample and then purchase them. Trust me. It’s a buy you won’t regret.

1-Among the Living
1.1-Thaw2-Criss Cross2.1-Striking Sparks2.2-Many Happy Returns



2.3-Mind Reader3-Body and Soul3.1-Stroke of Midnight4-Secrets5-Camp Hell6-Ghost TVIn The Dark6.1-MementoSpook Squad

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