Snippet Wednesday: A second Sip from Call me Interested

Last wednesday, I shared a snippet from my Nanowrimo novel: Call me Interested, from the perspective of one of my main characters: Kim Sung Joon. Today, I’m sharing another snippet, but this time around from the perspective of the second main character: Babajide ‘Barby’ Joel. To give you a heads-up though, next Wednesday will have a third snippet from Call me Interested from the perspective of you guessed it, the third main character: Daniel Rosa.

Hell yeah! Call me Interested is a menage :). Lol. And like I said last week, it’s the longest piece of writing I’ve ever done so far. If you check my work-in-progress page, it’s presently at 95k words. And that is the first draft. Sure I’ll cut down on some parts but there are a ton of parts I need to expand as well so the novel might just end up being even longer.

All that aside, here’s today’s snippet for your enjoyment ;). Like I said last week, this is totally unedited so ignore grammatical errors and unclear sentences and just enjoy :

He watched Daniel walk towards them, his movement unhurried. When the trio spotted him, the tension returned. They put off their blunts, pushed off from the car they’d been reclining on and eyed him warily. Barby couldn’t see Daniel’s face, didn’t know if he was talking or not, but the closer he came to them, the more the men tensed.

Soon he was with them, chatting. He still looked relaxed, the men didn’t though. They exchanged glances and replied in monosyllabic words. At that moment, Barby wished he could read lips. Get what it was that they were staying. Because whatever it was, Daniel wasn’t getting very far and the guys just kept getting more tense.

Without thinking, he opened the door, dug his hands in the pocket of his coat and walked over to the men. As he drew closer, he caught snatches of their conversation.

“Seriously though. It’s just to teach them a lesson. Get them to back off my boyfriend.” Daniel filled the words with just a hint of desperation. Like he really had a boyfriend he was concerned about. For all Barby knew, he might have one. Just because he’d not been with Sung Joon in two years didn’t mean he’d stayed single like Sung Joon had. Men who break things off and break the hearts of those they’re with rarely had enough guilt left to stay single through the years. They moved on. Daniel looked too good to not have moved on. The little jealousy he’d shown on the two times Barby had been with Sung Joon notwithstanding.

“So you’re saying you’re a fag?”

Daniel flinched as did Barby. Then he pulled himself, looked the guy in the eye and answered. “Yes. Do you have a problem with that?”

The other man didn’t back down. Just kept looking right back at Daniel. “I don’t. If you’re who you say you are. But a pretty boy like you comes here. Alone. Asking for a Claw to help you out, and doesn’t come with his boyfriend, even as backup. Only one kind of person would be able to do that. A cop.” The man sneered the word and Barby saw Daniel’s hands clench.

“Babe,” he called out, and all four men turned to look at him. He saw the anger flash in Daniel’s eyes before he banked it. “Got tired of waiting. Where’s he? The claw you said would help?”

Daniel said nothing and Barby turned to the other men, raising a brow as he looked from one to the other. The Claws turned to look at Daniel.

“He’s not here yet. And his brothers,” Daniel gave a pointed look at the three men, “said they don’t know where he would be.”

“Damn,” Barby muttered and stepped closer till he was right in front of Daniel, their bodies melding together, the breaths flowing in and out of each other. “Looks like you’ll have to do it then,” he said, and rose to meet Daniel’s lips.

It was firm…unyielding. Daniel stood, arms hanging by his side, decidedly not kissing Barby and sighed, wondering what the hell he was doing. None of the Claws believed the story about them being lovers. And although a kiss might have gone a long way into cementing their story, Daniel was not going to kiss him.

With that thought he made to pull back, and gasped as Daniel pulled him back and dove into his open mouth, tongue gliding against his, arms sliding to his waist and pulling him even closer as he kissed him. Barby moaned, his hands rising up to Daniel’s hair and sank in. The strands were as soft as he’d thought they would be, sliding against his fingers.

Someone cleared their throat and Barby jerked back, eyes wide as he stared at Daniel and Daniel’s thoroughly kissed mouth. He ran his tongue over his lower lip and Daniel’s eyes darkened, flared and Barby’s breath caught. What the fuck had he done?

He heard a voice and made the effort to hear what the person was saying. He turned around and looked at the man who’d asked Daniel if he was a ‘fag’. The man looked…relaxed. Not as open as Barby would have liked but he didn’t have the hostile edge. None of them did.

“I’m sorry what did you say,” Barby asked.


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