Snippet Wednesday: A May/December WIP

I started this story about two years ago, wrote a page of it and haven’t touched it ever since. Well, I hope this year’s the year I finish quite a number of the stories I’ve started and this May/December WIP is one of them. I have a shit ton of stories on my plate right now, so I think I won’t be getting back to this story till middle of the year but the plan is to have it written before the end of this year and I intend to make sure that that happens. And if you like the short, please let me know :).

So enjoy the snippet and as is my usually phrase, this is a rough edit so please pardon any grammatical errors and structural problems.

Want to know the worst thing about your best friend being a promiscuous motherfucker? Him getting a girl pregnant at fifteen. Seriously, the man should be drawn and quartered. I mean, I love the asshole but he’s a prick. You know the type of prick I mean. Those ones with their soft smiles and big eyes, smooth talk and long strides; the type that make women weak in the knees and have other men feel like they live a miserable existence, just because they cannot measure up. And it’s way worse if you’re among the small percentage of men whose knees the pricks also have control over. Not because all of society expects you to be a strong, tall, strapping lad whose knees or feet stay firm on the ground, but because the Nigerian society in itself does not think men who go weak at the sight of other men should even be considered men. Other derogatory thoughts come to mind for men like that, and some people would even go beyond calling you names to fucking your shit up or ensuring you get a visit from the Police who would fuck you up, drag you out of your home to be publicly humiliated, tossed in the slammer and then brought before a judge who using the cover of the constitution will give the judgment that would have you spending a considerable amount of years locked away from the society you were trying to ‘contaminate’ in the first place, while said society breathes a sigh of relief.

It’s fucked up. Extremely fucked up. And what’s more fucked up, is when you grow out of your crush on your best friend to fucking fall in love with his now twenty-two year old son whom you watched grow up and helped raise. That’s double jail time. For being a pedophile and for being gay. Although the boy is every bit the hunk his father was. I take that back. He’s even more better looking, what with inheriting Steven’s frame and face and Sade’s full lips, big eyes and soft voice. He’s every gay man’s fantasy and my very own kryptonite. I mean Christ! I’m the thirty-seven year old jackass who has a thing for a bloody child! Some people would say I should rot in hell. Others would call me the devil.

Me? Well, I’ve always gone by the name my parents gave me. Ighosime Nwosu. It’s a respectable name for a man from a respectable family who has a respectable job, lives in a respectable neighbourhood, drives a respectable car and is all in all a highly respectable member of society. Unfortunately, I am now respectably fucked.

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